What is the Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council?

The Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council is an organization dedicated to the improvement of the Turfgrass Industry through education and research. The Council was founded in 1955 by a group of individuals who perceived the need for independent funding for turfgrass research in Pennsylvania. Since its beginning, P.T.C.s role has expanded considerably, and the organization’s goals can now be divided into three major areas: fundraising for education, and research, conducting educational conferences, and representing the Turfgrass Industry.

The P.T.C. is governed by an elected Board of Directors with research, teaching, and extension personnel from Penn State serving as technical advisors. The P.T.C. serves as the voice for all turfgrass interests in the Commonwealth, and has contributed over $2 million to the Turfgrass Project at Penn State since 1974. In 1998 alone, the P.T.C. will contribute $175,000 to the Turfgrass Project. In addition, over $1 million has been amassed in the Joseph M. Duich Turfgrass Endowment Fund, a figure that grows every year. The Endowment Fund will assure that there will always be a funding base well into the future.

P.T.C. income is derived from trade shows, membership fees, and golf tournaments which support a broad spectrum of programs in the Center for Turfgrass Science. In addition, several P.T.C. Scholarships are awarded every year to undergraduate, and graduate students enrolled in the turfgrass curriculum.

The support for turfgrass education and research expresses itself in better products and knowledge for a dynamic industry on the move. A 1989 survey sponsored by the P.T.C. determined that there are over 2 million acres of turf in the Commonwealth, generating total annual expenditures of $1.5 billion.

The eleven hundred members of the Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council are proud of its partnership with the Turfgrass Program at Penn State, and have ambitious plans for the future; setting higher goals for the Endowment, expanding publications, and improving conference content, to help us position our industry for its inevitable growth in the future. By acting as the information clearinghouse and statewide advocate for the Turfgrass Industry, The Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council will continue to play a vital role in insuring the health of a true Pennsylvania resource.