Fall Annual Bluegrass Control Options

The widely accepted annual bluegrass control option of a post emergence selective material applied during the growing season can be effective for the elimination of annual bluegrass. There are many products available for this strategy. It is commonplace to start applying materials during the spring and conclude before the cooling fall months of the year. Today the concept of fall applied materials and preemergence strategies may have taken a back seat... Read Full Story.

Methods for Monitoring Your Golf Course for Insects

Monitoring your course for insects can be an important component in your turf management strategies. Finding the insects that can damage your golf course is a critical tool. Some insects can be controlled preventively, others curatively. But either way, monitoring for the insect can help you better understand the timing and management of these issues. Several monitoring methods can be used. First, however, you must differentiate between the insectâ... Read Full Story.

The Lawn Care Business

As with many business models, the lawn care industry has changed in recent years. Several key areas of change include the advancement of pesticides, an informed clientele and emerging technology. No matter the size of the business, some changes are common throughout the lawn care industry. New pesticides are becoming available to the lawn care operator (LCO) all the time. The LCO needs to consider how to best utilize the pesticides that are a... Read Full Story.

A Spring Sports Turf Program for Broadleaf Weed Control

Spring of the year and weed control — where do you start? There are two concepts to control broadleaf weeds: preemergence and postemergence. Both of the strategies need to be constructed to fit the specific sports-turf site’s needs. The manager must consider how much play will be on the field during this time. Different types of sports fields take different types of weed management. For example, football is typically a fall sport, and there ma... Read Full Story.

The Dreaded Artillery Fungus

Landscape mulch is commonly used to decorate the base of trees, shrubs, flowerbeds and other ornamental plantings. Mulch helps maintain soil moisture, suppress weeds and enhance the aesthetic beauty of the landscape. Who doesn’t like a neat, evenly applied layer of mulch to provide the impression of a well-maintained and highly valued property? In the southeastern region of Pennsylvania alone, more than three million cubic yards of mulch are used a... Read Full Story.


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