Jeffrey "Vern" Borger Receives the 2023 George Hamilton Distinguished Service Award

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The Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council's Dr. George W. Hamilton, Jr. Distinguished Service Award is presented to individuals who have exhibited outstanding service to the turfgrass industry. The award is considered PTC’s highest individual honor and recipients are recognized by the membership in a formal ceremony at the Penn State Golf Turf Conference. The 2023 Award was presented to Jeff Borger.

Jeff 'Vern' Borger retired from Penn State University on August 31, 2023 after 33 years of employment. Jeff started his career in turfgrass science when his dear friend and neighbor, Dr. George Hamilton, convinced him to pursue a career in turf and become Dr. Tom Watschke's technician. It was George Hamilton that gave Jeff the nickname Vern. When Jeff began working for Penn State, George introduced him to everyone as Vern. During his career at PSU, Jeff earned a B.S. Degree in Turfgrass Science and an M.S. Degree in Agronomy. When Dr. Watschke retired, Jeff became the Assistant Teaching Professor in Turfgrass Weed Management. Jeff taught and did research for 18 years and became well known for the work he did. 

The PA Turfgrass Council thanks him for his help over the years. Jeff was in charge of the Western PA Conference education program for years, then also took over the education program for the Eastern Conference and Northeastern Conferences.

Jeff is very honored to receive the PA Turfgrass Council Distinguished Service Award named after Dr. George W. Hamilton, Jr. who got him started in the Turf Industry.

The PA Turfgrass Council wishes Jeff and his wife Kathy the best as he begins retirement.