A Spring Sports Turf Program for Broadleaf Weed Control

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Spring of the year and weed control — where do you start? There are two concepts to control broadleaf weeds: preemergence and postemergence. Both of the strategies need to be constructed to fit the specific sports-turf site’s needs. The manager must consider how much play will be on the field during this time. Different types of sports fields take different types of weed management.

For example, football is typically a fall sport, and there may be a window of opportunity to control weeds in the spring if the field is not being heavily used. When one considers the field use with respect to baseball, since it is a spring and summer sport, the spring of the year may not be the best time to control weeds. Not only is the time of the year the sport is using the field important, the type of wear the field gets is also tied to the type of sport. The wear level may impact the herbicides that can be applied.

Bottom line, there are many things specific to your situation to be considered in the spring when trying to control broadleaf weeds.