Obituary for J Robert “Bob” Hummer

The turf industry lost a pioneer with the passing of Mr. Bob Hummer. Bob has been a strong supporter of both Penn State and the PTC.

His obituary:

Our condolences to Bob’s family, friends and peers.

Thank you,

PTC Board of Directors

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Seed: What’s in the Numbers?

Seed serves as a remarkable means of plant propagation, particularly in terms of commercial application of plant material. It ships well, it stores well, and large scale establishment can be achieved relatively quickly at low cost. In the turfgrass industry, it is most typical that the cool-season species are propagated by seed whereas the […]

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Controlling Turfgrass Ant Colonies

For a turfgrass entomologist, nothing marks transition into summer better than the arrival of turfgrass ant mounds on close-cut turf on golf courses. Lasius neoniger, commonly referred to as the “turfgrass ant”, is a minute (~ 2- 3 mm), tan to black ant that is seemingly ubiquitous in open fields and turfgrass sites across […]

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Fall Annual Bluegrass Control Options

The widely accepted annual bluegrass control option of a post emergence selective material applied during the growing season can be effective for the elimination of annual bluegrass. There are many products available for this strategy. It is commonplace to start applying materials during the spring and conclude before the cooling fall months of the […]

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Effectively Managing Anthracnose

Anthracnose basal rot, caused by Colletotrichum cereale, is a destructive disease of Poa annua putting greens in the northeastern U.S., particularly under stressed conditions. The disease has two phases, a foliar stage and a basal rot stage. The foliar blight stage may infect close-cut Poa annua or creeping bentgrass, though usually not both at […]

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KAFMO Plays Important Role in Little League World Series

Over the past 15 years, the Keystone Athletic Field Managers Organization (KAFMO) has volunteered its members at the end of summer as millions from around the world turn their eyes to South Williamsport for the Little League World Series. Sixteen teams of players 11 and 12 years old descend on the Little League complex […]

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White Grub control on athletic turf

With baseball now in the post season, and football in full swing, beautiful, well maintained athletic turf is being seen on TV every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. With this in mind it would be a good time to review some common grub controls for white grubs on athletic field turf.

White grubs are the larval […]

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Enhanced Efficient Nitrogen Fertilizers for Turfgrasses

Choosing a fertilizer is an important management decision that affects the quality, color, and durability of your turf. Because nitrogen fertilizer is a significant maintenance expense, some serious thought should go into choosing the most efficient product for your operation. Depending on when and how it is applied, the source of nitrogen also has […]

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Congratulations to 2-Year Program Scholarship Winners

This past Saturday, March 5, 2016, nineteen two-year Golf Turf Management Program students graduated at the Nittany Lion Inn. Many of the graduating students recieved scholarships, including:
The 2016 recipients of the Penncross Bentgrass Growers Association scholarship: Rob Sicinski, Cory Bostdorf, Kyle Basehore, Ryan Wilkinson, and Matt Accardi.
JP MacPherson, recipient of the Duff Shaw Memorial […]

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Golf Turf Conference 2016

Penn State and the Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council are pleased to announce that the annual Penn State Golf Turf Conference will be held from November 15th through the 17th in the Nittany Lion Inn in State College, PA. The event will include a pre-conference seminar, a job fair, the Turf Club Luncheon, and multiple educational sessions […]

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