Joseph M. Duich Endowment

The Joseph M. Duich endowment was established in 1990 to recognize the contribution of Joseph M. Duich throughout his long and distinguished career as a turfgrass scientist and educator. Because of the dramatically increased consumption of Penncross and other creeping bentgrass cultivars for fairway conversion programs, seed sales nearly tripled for several years during the early 1990s. To conserve these resources and create an income-generating vehicle to provide sustained support for turfgrass research at Penn State, the excess funds were deposited into the endowment and allowed to increase through periodic additions as well as through inter- est and dividend income. Because of Duich‘s efforts as a plant breeder, the turfgrass cultivars he developed have generated royalty income since 1971. Most of these funds were used to support field-plot maintenance and research by Duich and his colleagues; the remainder funded a series of departmental projects. The interest generated by theendowment is now sufficient to fund field-plot maintenance expenditures as well as a full-time staff position assigned to the Valentine Turfgrass Research Center.