George Hamilton DSA

The Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council Distinguished Service Award

The Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council Distinguished Service Award is presented as merited to individuals who have exhibited outstanding service to the turfgrass industry. The award is considered PTC’s highest individual honor and recipients are recognized by the membership in a formal ceremony at the Penn State Golf Turf Conference.

At its annual membership meeting on November 10, 2004, at State College, the PTC Board of Directors announced that the Distinguished Service Award was being renamed to memorialize Dr. George W. Hamilton, Jr., a leading professor and researcher in turfgrass management at Penn State, who died on July 9, 2004, after a courageous year-long battle with cancer. The newly named Dr. George Hamilton Distinguished Service Award will be available for presentation for the first time in 2005.

Past recipients of the Distinguished Service Award include:

2014 Andrew McNitt
2013 Greg Fantuzzi
2012 Thomas Bettle
2011 Jerred Golden
2003 Stanley J. Zontek
2001 Winand K. Hock
2000 George W. Hamilton, Jr.
1999 George Morgan
1998 Henry Meinert, Jr.
1997 Peter J. Landschoot
1997 Paul R. Heller
1995 Charles Cadiz, Jr.
1993 Christian Morup
1990 Richard Valentine
1990 R. William Marberger
1989 Thomas L. Watschke
1988 Donald V. Waddington
1984 Bill Lyons
1982 Wendell Ditmer
1982 Alexander Radko
1981 Arthur Wick
1979 Warren Bidwell
1978 Thomas Mascaro
1977 John C. Harper, II
1976 Herbert Cole, Jr.
1975 Charles Hallowell
1974 Eberhard Steiniger
1973 Fred Grau
1972 Leland Bull
1971 Joe Duich

The Distinguished Service Award Committee is appointed each year by the PTC president and is comprised of a Chairman and three members chosen from the Board of Directors, general membership, and the Technical Advisory Committee. The Committee examines all nominations and related materials. Awards are presented at the discretion of the Committee and the PTC Board and are not presented every year.